3 Steps That Can Help You Remove Pet Stains From Your Carpet

One of the most frustrating things that you can experience as a pet owner is urine stains directly on your carpet, mostly because the smell from those urine stains can stick around for a long time to come. Listed below are three steps that you can take that can help remove pet stains from your carpet. Clean The Stain Immediately The single most important step that you can take in order to help remove or prevent pet stains is to clean the stain immediately. [Read More]

Is Your Carpet Getting Excessively Dirty? 3 Tips to Avoid Getting It So Dirty

Dirt is inevitably going to get in your home, especially when you have dogs, kids, and adults that often spend time around dirt, water, or grass. But this does not mean you should live with an extremely dirty home at all times. You should look at ways that you can keep the dirtiness to a minimum. This is not only crucial for your satisfaction as a homeowner but also for keeping your carpet-cleaning costs from skyrocketing. [Read More]

3 Tips To Use When Selecting A Cleaning Company

Are you thinking about hiring a cleaning company to clean your home on a regular basis? If you are, there are likely a few things you are concerned about, such as the cost, the quality of their cleaning products, and how often they are able to service your home. Before you rush and hire the first cleaning company you come across, be sure to keep your concerns in mind and seek a cleaning company with the following: [Read More]

Restoration Specialists Can Save Your Valuable, Old Rug

Even the finest Oriental, Persian, and antique rugs get damaged and worn. When that happens, a professional rug repair and restoration service can put new life back in your wool, silk, hand-knotted, hand-tufted, or machine-made rug. Most rug restoration companies offer a variety of repair and specialty services. Holes and Rips A rug repair artisan, who trains for years to become skilled at his or her craft, can repair a hole or tear in your rug by reweaving or re-knotting the torn or worn area. [Read More]