Air Ducts

Keeping your HVAC air filter clean is an important part of the system's maintenance you have to stay on top of. However, even if you are always on top of keeping a clean filter in place, there will still be a build-up of dust that will accumulate in the air ducts over time. There are other things that can accumulate in the ducts that you won't want to leave in them as well. You can learn more about your air ducts in this article, as well as why it's important to have them cleaned at a certain point. 

How air ducts are designed

The air ducts in your home will carry air through them that is brought into the system through the air filters. Once that air has been appropriately heated or cooled, it will be carried back through the air ducts and be put into the home through the registers in each room. Since the air blows back through the air ducts and then directly into the rooms, anything in the ducts can be blown right out into the air throughout the house. 

How things get in the air ducts

There are a number of ways that dust and other debris can get in the ducts. Dust can get in through the registers when the unit isn't on and blowing air. Mold can end up in the ducts due to moisture and warm temperatures. Other debris like pet dander and pollen can get in the ducts, since these are allergens, they can trigger allergies when the unit blows them back out into the air. Even rodent urine and feces can get in the ducts when rodents find a way into them. 

Why the air ducts should be cleaned when they have dust and debris in them

While a small amount of dust isn't a big concern and is perfectly normal, an excess of dust and debris should be removed by having the air ducts cleaned. When the dust blows out, it can become more difficult to keep the house dusted. The allergens can bother family members. Any dried feces can be infected with diseases like hantavirus and contagions can blow out in the home's air from it. If there is mold, then it can be toxic and the mold spores will get in the home's air, putting the household members at risk.

For more information regarding air duct cleaning, contact a local professional.