Carpet Cleaning: Can It Help Your Dog's Allergy Symptoms?

If your dog tested positive for dust mite allergies, a veterinarian may prescribe allergy medications to your pet. But if your dog's allergy symptoms persist, clean your carpet soon. Dust mites can live in and on many types of surfaces, including carpet fibers. If you clean your carpet today, you can reduce your pet's allergy symptoms tomorrow. Learn more about dust mites and how cleaning your carpet can help control your pet's allergy symptoms below.

Why Do Dust Mites Hide in Carpets?

House dust circulates throughout your home. House dust contains a wide variety of substances, including hair, fabric fibers, and even fungi. However, the most problematic substances in house dust are dust mites. Dust mites can live in any place around your home that harbors or holds onto dust, including your carpet. 

Dust mites hide deep within the fibers covering your carpet. Not only can dust mites leave feces and urine on your carpet fibers, but they can also leave behind their casings. Casings describe the old or decaying shells of insects. Your dog can develop allergies to dust mites if they inhale the pests' secretions and casings.

Even if a veterinarian prescribes allergy medications to your pet, your dog can still experience symptoms throughout the year. If you clean every carpet in your home, you can help control and potentially ease your dog's allergy symptoms. 

How Does Carpet Cleaning Work?

Although you can't remove every particle of dust from your home completely, you can keep it from getting out of control. The best way to reduce your home's dust and its contents is to clean your carpet. If possible, schedule an appointment with a cleaning service provider soon.

A cleaning company may need to remove the furnishings from each room in your house during the visit. Dust can even hide beneath sofas and television stands. If a company locates dust on your curtains and drapes, they may remove them as well. You can take the window treatments to a dry cleaning company later, or you can ask a cleaning company to clean them for you. 

Next, a company will vacuum your flooring. A vacuum can remove dust and dust mites from the surface of your carpet. After a company removes all of the loose debris from the surface of your carpet, they'll shampoo it. Shampoo dislodges dust and dust mites from deep within your carpet, including the fibers and backing. A company will follow up the shampoo treatment by steaming your carpet.

Be sure to schedule regular carpet cleaning appointments for your home throughout the year. If your pet's allergy symptoms worsen, have a cleaning company return to your home immediately.

Learn how to control your dog's dust mite allergy symptoms by contacting a carpet cleaning company today.