Keeping A Prized Area Rug Clean And Damage-Free

If you have an area rug in your home that you cherish, you want to take the necessary steps in protecting it against excessive debris buildup and damage. Perform these actions as precautionary measures to keep your area rug in the best condition possible.

Use The Right Location To Reduce Damage Potential

Instead of placing your treasured area rug in an area where it will receive substantial foot traffic, keep it in an area where it can be appreciated without being walked upon. Consider hanging your area rug if you have wall space to do so. This way it can be viewed without sustaining any debris accumulation from the bottoms of feet. If you use the rug to cover another flooring medium, keep it well out of the way of the most traveled spots in the room. Avoid the central area, as this tends to be accessed by people and pets more often than along the perimeter of a room. In addition, avoid the doorway area if possible.

Spot Clean Your Area Rug To Remove Debris Quickly

It is best to perform frequent cleaning sessions of your area rug to remove debris before it has a chance to become embedded deep within the material the rug is made from. If you notice dirt on your rug, use a vacuum cleaner attachment held slightly away from the carpet to remove it without causing damage to the rug in the process. If your area rug is dyed with ink, the coloring can easily spread throughout the carpet fibers if they become wet. It is wise to contact a professional rug cleaning service to clean a delicate area rug.

Remove Loosened Material As Soon As It Is Noticed

If you happen to snag the material of your area rug, an unsightly loop is likely to be left behind. Do not leave this unattended as it can easily become looser if a person, pet, or item comes into contact with it. Snip the looped portion of the material away from the bulk of the rug, leaving behind small pieces of material instead. Clip the loop as closely as possible to the bottom of the rug so the threads are not noticeable. If several loops are present within your rug, you may want to contact a rug repair specialist to pull the material back into the rug from the underside layer. This will keep your rug looking full.

For more information on area rug cleaning and repair, contact a professional near you.