How A Professional Area Rug Cleaner May Clean Your Rugs And Remove Odors

If you use area rugs in your home to protect your carpet or to make hard floors a little warmer and softer, you may wonder what to do to keep the rugs clean. You can vacuum the rugs yourself and use store-bought cleaners, but those methods aren't very effective.

If you have pets, they probably like to snuggle on your area rugs, and the rugs usually get a lot of foot traffic since they're often put under sofas and beds. That means they accumulate odors and stains that gradually change the color of the rug. You may not even realize how dirty and smelly your rugs are until they've been cleaned. Here's how to get your area rugs clean and fresh-smelling.

Have The Rugs Cleaned In Your Home

Just like you can have your carpets cleaned in your home, an area rug cleaner can come to your house and clean your rugs with carpet cleaning equipment. They consider the material the rugs are made from when choosing the right way to clean them, so you don't have to worry about wool or silk rugs being damaged during the process.

They leave the rugs on your floor and clean them in place with machinery that extracts water so the rugs are nearly dry when finished so you won't have problems with a mildewy odor. They also use cleaning products that are gentle on the rug fibers, yet they lift out stains and odors.

When finished, your area rugs should look brighter and fluffier, just like carpets look new and fresh after professional cleaning. Plus, the rugs will be free of foot and pet odors, so your room may smell nicer too.

Take Your Rugs To An Area Rug Cleaner

If you have small rugs that are easy for you to handle, you may want to take them to an area rug cleaner yourself and let them wash and dry the rugs. If you need an area rug cleaned that's too big and heavy for you to manage, the rug cleaner may come to your home to pick up the rug and then deliver it once the rug is dry.

An area rug cleaner might have a different process for rugs brought to their building since they'll be able to use large machines designed for cleaning big rugs delicately. The machines might gently beat the rugs to get rid of dust, wash the rugs, and remove stains. The rugs may be hung overnight in a room with dryers to make sure they are completely dry before returning them to your home.

You can have silk and wool rugs cleaned by machine even if they're fragile or very expensive. A rug cleaner may even offer services for repairing rugs if loose fringe or rips are found. After the rugs have been cleaned, the colors should be much brighter and the pile of the rug lifted and soft. Your rug may look like new again, and it should smell fresh and be sanitary since part of the rug-cleaning process may include sanitizing the rug to get rid of bacteria and odors.

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