How A Commercial Pressure Washing Company Helps Your HOA Community Stay Cleaner

If you manage the HOA for your community, you have a lot of responsibilities for grounds maintenance. Residents in your community pay HOA fees and expect the money will be used to keep common areas in excellent condition. This goes beyond simple landscape maintenance. You may also need to hire a commercial pressure washing company occasionally to keep your community area clean and attractive. Here are ways a commercial pressure washing company can help.

Pressure Wash Common Buildings

If your community has a clubhouse, pool house, gym, business center, or other common buildings, you need to maintain the exterior of the building to keep it clean. No matter what type of siding the building has, pressure washing can be done to get rid of dirt, dust, pollution, algae, pollen, bird droppings, and other types of stains.

Pressure washing is fairly fast and easy. The contractor can reach the top of the wall with a pressure washer so spider webs and insects can be removed easily. They can also use a pressure washer on the soft wash setting to clean windows, especially windows on a second level that are hard to reach.

The key to successful results is experience plus knowledge that allows the contractor to know the ideal pressure setting for different types of materials. A setting that's too high can shatter glass or gouge holes in wood. When done properly, pressure washing eliminates dirt on your buildings so they look fresh and new.

Pressure Wash Walkways And Pool Deck

The walkways around the community center and the pool deck can begin to look stained and dirty unless you have the concrete pressure washed occasionally. It's important to keep these common areas as clean as possible to keep your residents happy and to impress guests.

Walkways made of concrete are ideal for pressure washing. However, even concrete needs just the right amount of pressure and the proper attachments so the dirt is lifted uniformly and doesn't streak.

Pressure Wash Playground Equipment

Playground equipment can look neglected if it's not cleaned regularly. Cleaning helps slides and climbing equipment stay clean and more sanitary. The pressure washer can remove bird droppings, algae, and other stains. Plus, the water can blast away spiders hidden under the equipment and get rid of nests made by insects and rodents.

Pressure washing also helps the equipment look fresh and more inviting. A pressure washer can be used on metal, plastic, and wood. In addition to washing slides, swings, and climbing equipment, a commercial pressure washing service can clean the fence that surrounds the playground.

A pressure washer can be used to make vinyl, wood, and aluminum fencing look clean and attractive whether the fence is around your boundary lines, playground equipment, or pool.

There are many things in your community a commercial pressure washing company can clean. If you have a problem with algae, pressure washing is a good way to eliminate it whether the algae is on a fence or on signs. Look into a company like United Exterior Cleaning & Pressure Washing for more information.