Tips To Keep Your Silhouette Window Blinds Clean And Looking Beautiful

Your new silhouette window shades provide a beautiful contribution to your home's interior appearance and the amount of light that comes into your home's interior. Silhouette shades allow in a natural glow of light but still provide you privacy and protection against the sun's rays. However, silhouette shades can become dirty over time and will need some protective cleaning maintenance to keep them looking new and beautiful. Here are some recommendations to help you clean your silhouette shades to keep your home's windows looking their best.

Protect Against Buildup

Your window blinds are installed within your home's windows, which will be exposed to air flow through your home's open windows during spring, summer, and fall, and can collect dirt and dust. Be sure to close your window when heavy winds pick up to keep them clean. Many silhouette window blinds are treated with dust and dirt repellent, but they can become dirty from heavily blowing dust through your windows over time, so take simple measures to protect them as much as possible.

Complete Regular Dusting

Take some steps to clean off your window blinds of any excess dirt collection with regular routine dusting. Use a feather duster or a dusting wand to wipe off loose dust from the blinds. You can also use the power of your vacuum with your vacuum's handheld hose. Make sure you install the brush attachment head to the vacuum hose and use it to loosen and pull up dust and dirt that may settle on your blinds. 

Often, you may find that small bugs that are present around windows can end up within the honeycombs of your silhouette blinds. When these bugs linger, use a hair dryer on a cool setting to blow them out through the length of the blinds, then suck them up from where they land on your floor. You can also use a hair dryer on a cool setting to dust your blinds and remove dirt. Or an air compressor is a great method to blow debris and dirt from your blind's fabric.

Remove Spot Stains

Occasionally, your silhouette window blinds may become stained from food, drink, water, or other residue and will need to be cleaned. You can use a damp clean cloth to dab the spot to remove it, but don't rub the fabric as it will damage the fabric. You can also arrange for a professional cleaning service. Professional cleaners can clean the blinds right in your home with a special injection cleaning process or take them off-site to treat them with an ultrasonic cleaning treatment.

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