Finding All The Sources Of Pet Odors In Your Home

Cleaning up after your pets doesn't always eliminate the pet odor smell in your home. Even if you diligently clean, there's a chance you're missing some spots. The pet odor isn't always just from one thing, sometimes it's from multiple places in your house. Here are a few areas and things to check.

Look In the Basement, Attic, and Garage

If your home has a basement, attic, or garage, there's a chance your cat or dog has made some use of those areas. Even if you never see them enter or exit those areas, you should still check, especially if your pets have access to them. Sniff around and look for signs of pet hair, vomit, urine, or feces. This also applies to stairs, closets, and any other nooks.

Wash All the Fabrics Frequently

Consider everything washable your pet sits on, touches, sheds on, urinates on, or interacts with regularly. All these things collect the scents of your pets and, combined, that scent can become quite powerful.

Regularly wash everything you can. This applies to sheets, towels, cushion covers, clothing, and all your pet's own things as well, such as their own beds or cushions. You can mitigate how much of these things you wash by utilizing washable coverings, such as vinyl covers for the bed.

Clean All Your Pet's Items

Pets can accrue several items in a home. That means your pets will also have a lot of things in a lot of different locations carrying their scents. Keep the toys, beds, cages, bowls, leashes, and whatever else, clean. Create a schedule for cleaning all your pet's belongings to keep odors at a minimum.

Look To Carpets and Other Static Materials

Sometimes odors aren't coming from the obvious places. For example, if you have furniture sitting on the carpet, your pet may spend a great deal of time under that furniture. Check below and behind wherever you can. In some cases, you may even have to look inside pieces of furniture to make sure.

Pet dander and hair tend to stick to places and go unnoticed until you start to sniff out just where the pet odors come from. Use a professional carpet pet odor removal product for the carpet and rugs. For everything else, look for an enzyme-based cleaner, as they can break down the cause of the odor at a molecular level.

General cleanliness of both your home and your pet helps prevent a buildup of pet odors in your home. However, you should always look for every area of your home where your pet can hang out or do their business.