5 Ways To Save Time When Cleaning Your Home

When it comes to keeping your house clean, it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve that will help you clean things in a more efficient manner, allowing you to save time on the cleaning process.

Way #1: Turn Off Your Phone

If you want to get into cleaning your home, you will want to turn off your phone. It can be so easy to get distracted by your phone, so turn it off or put it on silent. Shut off your computer so you can't jump onto it for a few minutes, and turn off the T.V. You can blast some energizing music if you want, but turn off anything that requires you to look and engage with it. This will allow you to focus just on cleaning your home.  

Way #2: Start With Easy Tasks

When it comes to cleaning, start with easy tasks. Starting with the easy task will make you feel accomplished and will make it easier to move onto more complicated and harder tasks. For example, you may want to start with dusting and vacuuming the office or guest room. That should be a really quick task, as those rooms will not get a lot of use. Do a few quick cleaning tasks in low-traffic rooms before you tackle the more extensive and more detailed rooms to clean, such as your office and kitchen.

Way #3: Use Your Dishwasher

Next, keep in mind that your dishwasher is a great cleaning companion for more than your dishes. You can put your toothbrush holders, soap dishes, and dish drains in there to get cleaned up. If the items are made from hard plastic, ceramic, metal, or glass, you can run it through your dishwasher to get it clean instead of spending a bunch of precious time trying to clean your toothbrush holder and a soap dish that you could use on other tasks.

Way #4: Clean Top to Bottom

When you are cleaning a room, work that room from top to bottom. Start by knocking down ceiling cobwebs, then move on to cleaning and dusting countertops and cleaning furniture. As you work, it is okay to allow dust, crumbs, and pet hair to fall to the floor because once you clean all the other surfaces, you will clean the floor, and all of those little pieces will be taken care of.

Way #5: Take Care of Your Vacuum Cleaner

If you want to keep your cleaning quick and efficient, make sure you are taking care of your vacuum cleaner. Change the bag inside it once a month or clean the canister completely out. Wipe all the parts down. Clean the brushes and attachments. You should even drop it off for a professional service once a year. A vacuum cleaner with powerful suction will make cleaning up faster and help ensure that all the dirt is picked up.

You can save even more time by hiring a professional house cleaning service to clean your home. They will do a great job cleaning your home and ensure that it looks great top to bottom. If you are really short on time, hiring a professional house cleaning service can save you time and ensure that your home is comfortable and clean as well.