4 Factors That Determine The Frequency Of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Having a dirty and stained carpet can negatively affect your customers' opinion of your business. While you may have the best business in the area, appearance can make or break you over time. To ensure potential customers don't take a look at your carpet and speed off, it's critical to keep your carpets looking clean free of dirt, stains, and bacteria. A clean carpet is welcoming, and customers assume that you run a productive business. So how often should you clean the carpets in your office or commercial facility?

Here are the four factors that determine the frequency of commercial carpet cleaning.

Business Type

All businesses are not the same. Some have a high traffic of walk-in customers, while others only have a handful of clients and staff who check in daily. The nature of your business operations determines the number of times you hire commercial carpet cleaning. You can schedule regular cleanup every quarter if your corporate offices have high human traffic, and if there's low traffic, you can schedule a clean-up after every six months.

The Business Environment

Your external business environment affects the cleanliness of your carpet. Suppose your business is located in a busy city where the risk of pollution is high. Chances are, the carpet will get all manner of dirt embedded in it. In that case, germs are likely to hide in different areas, and your carpet provides a suitable environment. Hence, you need to ensure your carpet is regularly cleaned for a cleaner surrounding.

Carpet Material

Carpets are diverse and comprise different materials. Some are rugs made of fabric that can easily absorb dirt. Others consist of a light material that doesn't absorb dirt and show any dust or debris speck. Although heavy rugs don't show dirt, they can be a haven for allergens and require cleaning at least twice a year. For the light material, cleaning should be regular to keep your business environment clean.

The Color of Your Carpet

Carpets come in different colors, and some are bright while others have solid shades. If you have a brightly colored carpet, chances are that dirt will be visible, and you will need to clean them frequently. On the other hand, those with dark colors may not show dirt, but you can schedule cleanings after every quarter.

Your business scope, carpet material, and color determine the frequency of the cleanup. Cleaning gets rid of stains and dirt and prolongs the lifespan of your carpet. Hire commercial carpet cleaning services today for a clean and healthy business environment.