Crawlspace Encapsulation: Why You Need It And What It Costs

When considering the needs of your home to keep your property safe, you don't think of your crawl space. Your crawl space, often an area where you just put your appliances or some storage items, is not a livable part of your home and therefore can be neglected.

Have you heard of crawlspace encapsulation? If you have, you might have thought it's not necessary to deal with, and if you haven't, you might not think it's worth knowing. The reality is, crawlspace encapsulation is something you should consider having done for your home and is beneficial in many ways. Learn what crawlspace encapsulation is, why you need it, and what it costs. You'll have peace of mind knowing your home is protected once you have this simple home improvement task done.

What is crawlspace encapsulation?

Crawlspace encapsulation is the act of making sure your crawlspace is waterproof. A barrier is placed along the interior of your crawlspace to make the space as waterproof and sound as possible. It's the best way to keep moisture and humidity at bay and can help keep the chance of getting mold and mildew in this area of the home less likely.

Why do you need crawlspace encapsulation?

Have you ever gone into a basement or crawlspace and been immediately met with a mildewy or musty odor? Or seen several stains on the walls and floors indicating mold? You don't want this to happen even in your crawlspace due to lack of moisture control because mold spores can still travel from this part of the home to other parts of your home if you're not careful. Properly ventilating and sealing your crawlspace is the best way to keep moisture and other water-related issues at bay.

Additionally, should you have water in the crawlspace area, the encapsulation will help remove it and prevent the water from building up and possibly damaging your home's foundation.

How much does crawlspace encapsulation cost?

Your crawlspace encapsulation costs will vary depending on what you have done and how large your crawlspace area is. On average, expect costs to be around $5,500 or more for your crawlspace encapsulation, although you may pay less for the work done in your own crawlspace. Your crawlspace encapsulation specialist will give you a good faith estimate of how much supplies, time, and labor will cost, so you can be best prepared financially for your experience.