Situations Where Deep Clean Janitorial Services Are Needed For Your Facility

When you have a commercial building that you operate a business out of regularly, one of the most important things you should make sure you keep in great condition is the cleanliness of the building itself. Janitorial services are used regularly to keep the building clean, but you can do more than just have this basic cleaning done. You should have your building deep cleaned now and then, which means your janitorial services company can perform more strenuous cleaning than is normally needed.

When should you have your janitorial services do a deeper clean on your facility? Your cleaning company can give you some insight as to when deeper cleaning is needed, and you can use this guide to assist you as well.

During/after cold and flu season

Employees can spread germs in the workplace at any time, but cold and flu season can be the worst time of year for this to happen. If you have your janitorial services do a deep clean on your facility during these seasons, paying special attention to the bathrooms, employee break rooms, and shared work stations and equipment, you can help keep your employees healthy and on the clock, therefore keeping morale high and saving your company money it would have lost on employee sick days otherwise.

After a large gathering

Any large corporate or company gathering can result in the spread of germs and bacteria, not to mention create more messes in the bathrooms, main break areas, waiting rooms, and more. Stay on top of employee and customer messes by having your janitorial services do more than their basic cleaning on your business after you have a large corporate gathering of any kind.

At the beginning of every season

As a general rule, consider having your facility deep cleaned by your janitorial services at the beginning of every season. If the middle or end of a season works better for your schedule, this is fine. The reason for this goal is to help you remember to have your facility deep cleaned every few months and doing so seasonally is a great way to help you stay on track.

You'll get a cleaning schedule from your cleaning crew so you can get the most out of your experience and keep your building looking great and remaining safe and as germ-free as possible. You can have a deep clean done on your facility any time you wish; your janitorial services company will give you a quote for this additional service. If you're looking for a service, consider contacting a service like Janitorial Services Atlanta.