Tips To Clean And Maintain Your RV Carpeting

Your RV or camping trailer gets a good deal of wear and tear when you are recreating in the Great Outdoors. Along with all this wear and tear, your carpets can specifically collect dirt, mud, soot, and other camping debris that you track in while you are enjoying your time. However, although it can be easy to track in dirt, you can take some measures to clean and keep the interior clean and take care of your RV. Here are some recommendations to help you keep your RV carpets clean and in good condition.

Clean the Carpets Regularly

One of the most important maintenance tasks you can follow regularly within your RV is to clean the floors and specifically the carpets. The carpeting in an RV is not one of the best situations, especially with all the dirt that can get tacked onto it, but it keeps your RV warmer and more comfortable, but it is a standard feature in many. 

At the end of each camping season, contact local carpeting professionals to come out to treat your RVs carpeting so you can store it for the winter cleaned for next season. They will be able to treat any specific stains that are from, for example, melted s' mores chocolate that got mashed onto the floor or the black greasy soot from the sole of your boot that was accidentally tracked in. 

Once they have treated any stains with specific cleaners to help remove the stain, they will use a hot steam cleaning process to treat all the carpeting with cleaner and extract it with powerful suction. Being able to extract most of the moisture from the carpeting helps it dry fully without worrying about mold or mildew growth. 

Use Protection Maintenance

To help protect your carpeting, ask your carpeting professional to get a stain protection treatment added onto your carpeting. They can apply protection onto your cleaned carpets that will help repel spills and stains that you are going to encounter in the future. This protection will seal onto each of the carpeting fibers to prevent a good amount of dirt and stain damage to keep your carpets looking cleaner for longer.

You can also use throw rugs to help you protect your carpeting from heavy traffic use. For example, place a couple throw rugs onto the carpeting in the entryway of the RVs to help collect dirt and debris. Then, when the throw rugs get dirty, you can wash them in a clothes washer to clean them so you can continue using them. Get in touch to learn more about our carpet cleaning services.