Brand New Home? Here's How To Keep Your Indoor Air Healthy

If you're like many new homeowners who've recently purchased a home that has just been built, you're probably thrilled with all of the benefits of living in a brand new construction. Today's building technology provides superior functionality in the area of energy efficiency. High-performance windows and doors, for instance, are designed to prevent drafts, keeping homes cool in summer and warm in winter — and keeping energy costs lower than those of their draftier counterparts.

However, there's one particular challenge involved with this scenario — because new construction is virtually airtight, poor indoor air quality is sometimes a problem. Some common particulates, such as mold spores, can cause household residents to experience serious allergies. Fortunately, there are measures homeowners can take to combat this condition. The following are just three of the many things you can do to help keep the air inside your home as clean as possible:

Have Your HVAC System Maintained on a Regular Basis 

Improperly maintained HVAC systems have the potential to distribute mold, pet dander, dust mites, and other particulates throughout the entire home. The usual culprit is filters that haven't been properly cleaned or changed, but it could also be the result of dirty ductwork. Having your HVAC system serviced twice per year — before you start using your furnace in the fall and before you start using your air conditioner in the spring — helps keep it running like a charm.

Implement a No-Shoes Policy Indoors

Most people would be amazed at the amount of particulate material carried indoors on the soles of their shoes. Pollen, dust mites, and mold spores are just three examples of particulate matter that can wind up inside your home as the result of walking on outdoor surfaces. Even if you don't own a pet, you can bring a considerable amount of pet dander indoors simply by walking down a sidewalk where someone else has just walked their dog. Implementing a no-shoes policy indoors can decrease the number of outdoor particulates that spread through your house.

Hire a Green House Cleaning Service

Many house cleaning services still use harsh chemical products to clean floors, bathrooms, and kitchen areas. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, these have the potential to wreak havoc on the indoor environment. You can reduce the risk of chemical toxins polluting your indoor air by using a green house cleaning service and using green products yourself. You can contact your local house cleaning service and ask them about green cleaning options.