Are You Cleaning Your House From Top To Bottom?

 Have you received from summer vacation yet? Maybe you have truly mixed emotions about summer's end. On one hand, maybe you're sad to say goodbye to fun summer activities. On the other hand, maybe you are looking forward to time for yourself now that kids are back in school. Have you been so busy that you have put housecleaning on hold? Now that the holidays aren't that far away, perhaps you are now focused on getting your house cleaned from top to bottom.

If that's your plan, do you already know how you want to tackle the chores? If that's not the case, from planning a cleaning schedule to arranging for professional residential carpet cleaning and other professional help, here are some ideas that might help you.

Plan a Cleaning Schedule - What kind of a person are you when it comes to cleaning your house? Do you want to do the easy jobs first and then tackle the harder ones at the end, or is it vice versa? Consider combining easy jobs with hard ones each day of one week. For example, maybe on Monday you could do the big job of cleaning bathrooms and then the smaller job of arranging things like the CDs, puzzles and board games in your family room. On Tuesday, maybe you could change all of the bed linens and combine that job with something easier like dusting picture frames.

Think of writing down everything that needs to be done and then pairing the easy jobs with the harder ones. Once the jobs have been completed, assign a job to each day of the week to maintain the thoroughly clean house that you have achieved during your first week. But, only plan on a short amount of time to complete that day's jobs. For example, if you chose Mondays for bathroom duty, do the job in about twenty minutes so that you won't be bogged down with cleaning the rest of the day.

Plan For Professional Carpet Cleaning - Even though you have thoroughly vacuumed your carpets, you probably realize that you weren't able to deep clean them, right? Think of arranging for professionals to do the carpet cleaning for you. They'll have the training and the experience to pay attention to detail. For example, they will more than likely test cleaning products on a part of the carpet that doesn't show, just to make sure the cleaning product is not going to damage your fine carpets. 

The carpet cleaners will also use state-of-the-art equipment to deep clean your carpets. If there are stains, they will more than likely be cleansed so well that the stains will disappear, or at least be far less noticeable. just as you have established a cleaning plan for your house, think of arranging for the carpet cleaners to come back on a regular basis. For example, right before the Christmas holidays, right before Easter, and before school is out for next summer might be a good plan for your carpets to be professionally cleaned. 

Contact a residential carpet cleaning service for more help.