Office Floor Care: Why It Is Important To Tell The Cleaning Company What Types Of Flooring You Have

Office cleaning floor care companies like to bring the right equipment with them the first time they come so the job can be completed as expected. It delays the cleaning a bit when the cleaning team has not been told what they are cleaning because then they do not have the right equipment with them when they show up to clean. This is just one reason why you should inform the office floor cleaning company exactly what types of flooring you have in your office building. In addition, the following reasons are why this is so important to relate the kinds of flooring that need cleaning.

Cleaning Carpet Is Very Different from Cleaning Hard Surfaces

Carpet requires a few extra steps and different machines to clean it. If there is carpeting of any kind in your office building, the cleaners need to bring a vacuum to suck up loose debris first, and then bring a steam cleaner to wash and scrub the carpets. They may also need a spot lifter machine to remove stubborn stains that will not come out with the steam cleaner alone. The spots need to be pre-treated and "lifted" before the main carpet cleaner can be used. 

Cleaning Wood Is Equally Different from Cleaning Vinyl or Linoleum

You never want to thoroughly soak wood floors. You want to sweep and/or dust them first, and then clean them with a lightly damp hardwood floor mop. You have to thoroughly dry them, even though you did not use that much water to clean them. That is very unlike cleaning vinyl or linoleum, which can be swept and washed with a wet mop and your floor cleaner of choice. Vinyl or linoleum is also left to air dry and does not require that you wipe up moisture because it evaporates so quickly. 

Tile Requires Deep Steam Cleaning 

Then there is tile. Any sort of tile at all, particularly if grouting is visible, requires a deep steam cleaning to remove dirt and grime, and mold and mildew you can and cannot see. It also requires a disinfectant. Most tile exists in bathrooms, which is why you want to kill whatever bacteria you may not be able to see with the steam cleaning and disinfectants. These floors may also be buffed and polished to a high shine. Finally, wax may be applied to the surface to make them look really nice.