2 Liability Issues That Dirty Carpets in Rental Properties Present

If you own rental properties, you need to make sure you keep the carpets in your rental properties clean. The carpets should be cleaned every time a tenant moves out. You should also write into the contract that the carpets will be cleaned at least once a year, so you can keep the carpet cleans even when you have long-term tenants.

Liability Issue #1: Bacteria and Fungi

When you fail to clean carpets for years on end, bacteria can take up residence in the carpet. Bacteria living in the carpet can be damaging to a person's immune system. Carpet bacteria are especially harmful to young children who may crawl on the carpet and can be devastating for individuals of advanced age and individuals with compromising the immune system.

Mycotoxins, a toxic substance that is produced by a fungus and that often resides in unclean carpets, can really aggravate people's asthma.

Failing to keep the carpets clean in your rental units could cause you to face a liability lawsuit for your tenant's health issues. Keeping the carpets clean is part of your responsibility as the owner of the unit.

Liability Issue #2: Pet Urine

Next, if you allow pets in your rental units, you really need to make sure the carpets are cleaned. Even a well-trained pet may urinate from time to time on the carpet, and a pet that is not trained could urinate all over the carpet. Old and sick pets may also not be able to control their urine. 

Pet urine is a big deal. Pet urine produces ammonia. The release of ammonia can cause a wide range of issues. Ammonia from pet urine can be especially problematic for tenants with lung problems such as emphysema, asthma, and allergies.

If you allow pets into your rentals, you need to get the carpets cleaned at least twice a year. In a rental with a pet, you may want to add a clause to the lease agreement to allow access for twice-yearly carpet cleaning.  

As the owner of a rental building, you want to avoid potential liability issues that can arise from dirty carpets. Avoid these issues by keeping the carpets clean in the first place. Hire a carpet cleaning company to take care of cleaning the carpets in all your rental units at least once a year. This will protect the integrity of the carpets and protect you from liability issues as well.