Signs Your Carpets Need Winter Cleaning

While you may save a majority of your home's cleaning projects for the spring and summer months, sometimes winter cleaning is necessary. Your carpets should be cleaned on a regular basis as determined by your carpeting cleaning specialist to help keep stains, hair, bacteria, and odors at bay.

Why clean your carpets in the winter? After all, there is less pollen and dust to worry about when the ground is covered in snow. However, there are reasons to get your flooring professionally attended to when the weather is at its worst. Here are signs your carpet could use a winter cleaning.

You have the flu in your home

Has your home been plagued by the cold, flu, or other winter-related illness? Does your family seem to keep sharing the same illness over and over, no matter how hard you try to keep your family quarantined from one another?

Your carpet and upholstery harbor bacteria and viruses for quite a while, which means without proper carpet cleaning, you may simply be allowing the bacteria and viruses that are making your family sick to thrive. If you have your carpets professionally treated at the onset of any flu and cold diseases in the home, you may help to limit the spread of illness in your family.

You have mud or moisture everywhere

With winter comes moisture, either in the form of snow, rain, or even mud. Where there is moisture, there is mold and mildew and stains. You want to stay on top of the mess that gets tracked into your home, so make sure everyone takes their shoes off when they come inside, but you can also do more. You can have your carpets steam cleaned to help prevent any stains from setting and to help keep moisture from spawning mold and mildew that can spread easily.

You have smelly carpets

If you haven't had your carpets cleaned yet, then the wet winter season may bring out the worst in your flooring. Smelly carpet and winter moisture don't mix well, and you need to do what you can to help your carpets stay looking fresher, longer. If your carpets — and furniture — are starting to smell musty, mildew-y, moldy, or like wet fur and clothing, then call your carpet cleaning professional for care. With the right treatment, your carpets will look and smell better than ever and you'll help your flooring last longer at the same time.