Why Should You Have An Area Rug Cleaned By A Professional Instead Of Doing It Yourself?

If you have an area rug that's losing its vibrancy, it's likely that your rug needs a deep cleaning. Dust and dirt build up in a rug's fibers over time, causing light-colored rugs to appear dingy and dark-colored rugs to appear washed-out. Cleaning your area rug will both improve its appearance and protect its fibers. Unfortunately, cleaning a rug improperly can damage its fibers or even ruin it by causing the colors to bleed. Here's why it's best to hire a professional rug cleaning service instead of attempting to clean an area rug on your own.

Prevents Color Bleeding by Using the Correct Detergents for Your Rug

The main problem that makes cleaning an area rug different from cleaning a carpet is the fact that area rugs are vulnerable to color bleeding. Using the wrong type of detergent on an area rug can cause the dye in the fibers to bleed. A professional will select the correct detergent based on the material of the area rug and the dyes used in order to prevent the colors from bleeding. An area rug that has dark fibers next to lighter ones can easily be ruined when the colors run – the darker dye can bleed onto the lighter fiber, causing the patterns in your area rug to become less distinct and making your rug appear less vibrant.

Fully Removes Dust and Dirt From Your Rug Instead of Compressing Them Into the Rug

Renting a deep cleaning machine and using it to clean a thick area rug on your own will often simply push the dirt and dust in the outer layer into the bottom layer of the rug. Instead of removing dirt from your rug, you're just moving it around within the fibers. In addition, a deep cleaning machine that compresses the dirt and dust into the fibers makes the rug much more difficult to clean in the future. It's better to take your rug to a professional rug cleaning service and have the rug either soaked or fully rinsed in order to remove all the dust and dirt.

Protects Your Rug's Fibers by Removing Hard Particulates Before Cleaning

Some of the particulate contained in dust and dirt (like silica) are quite hard. When these particulates collect in your rug, you'll press them against the rug's fibers every time you walk on it. Over time, this can cause immense damage to your rug's fibers when the hard particulates grind against them. The fibers will begin to unravel and fray. Cleaning your rug on your own without removing all of these hard particulates first will also damage your rug, since you will press them against the fibers during the cleaning process. A professional will fully remove these particulates before cleaning begins by vacuuming your rug thoroughly.

How often should you clean your area rug? It depends on the amount of dust and dirt you're exposing the rug to. If you have pets or kids who track in a lot of dirt from outside, you may need to clean your area rug yearly in order to keep it in good condition. If you take your shoes off whenever you enter your home and keep dust to a minimum, you may only need to clean once every five years. Whenever your area rug appears dirty, call a rug cleaning service and have it professionally cleaned – a professional will fully remove all the dirt and dust from your area rug without damaging it, maximizing the lifespan of your beautiful rug.