How To Clean A Commercial Meat Slicer

If you own a commercial food establishment, it is important to keep the meat slicer clean. Commercial meat slicers get used frequently, which means they are prone to bacteria.

The bacteria from raw meat can transfer to other items and cause food poisoning. You don't need your meat slicer making you, the employees, or your customers sick. You should be able to clean the meat slicer yourself by following these tips.

Prepare to Clean the Meat Slicer

To clean the meat slicer, gather:

  • cut-resistant work gloves
  • hand-held brush
  • lint-free cleaning rags
  • cooking oil 
  • mild dish detergent 
  • liquid sanitizer or chlorine bleach
  • spray bottle or bucket

Pay special attention to the blade guard, ring guard, and slicer handle, since broken parts or cracks allow for buildup. Also, inspect the slicer for damaged seals and gaskets, and repair slicers with broken parts. 

Remove Food Particles and Debris

Set the blade to zero, close the gauge plate, and unplug the machine. Remove the cutting stone, slicer tray, middle plate, and deflector. The blade can be left in place or removed, but don't place it in the sink to clean.

Move the slicer to another location for cleaning. Use a soft hand-held brush to remove loose debris, and scrape stubborn particles with a plastic knife. Avoid using steel wool, because it may scratch the surface.

Clean the Slicer 

Meat slicers should be cleaned every four hours when in use. Make a dish soap solution from half soap and half water in a sink. If you prefer, make the solution on a bucket, and fill a spray bottle with the mixture. 

Dip a rag in the mixture, or mist the blade, and clean the blade on the front and back, working from the middle to the edge. If the blade has a hole in the center, use the brush to clean it. Rinse the blade with hot water and let it dry. 

Soak the other part in the sink, or mist them with the solution, then wipe them using a clean rag. Rinse the parts, let them dry. Wipe the exterior of the slicer, the handles, and the counters and cutting utensils with the same solution.

Sanitize the Slicer

Raise the window to ventilate the room when cleaning with bleach. To make a bleach sanitizer, mix a tablespoon of bleach in a gallon of hot water. Fill a spray bottle with some of the mixture, mist the slicer, and let it dry. Coat the blade with a thin layer of cooking oil.

If you prefer, use a commercial food-grade sanitizer, following instructions on the package. Reconnect all parts, and keep your meat slicer covered while not in use to reduce dirt.

For more tips on cleaning, contact professional cleaning services in your area.