Make A Good Impression By Having Your Commercial Carpet Professionally Maintained

Carpeting adds beauty to your commercial building. It also creates a soft walking surface that absorbs noise. While it is functional and easy to replace when worn or damaged, it can be challenging to maintain. A dirty carpet gives a bad impression of your facility, so the carpet needs to be cleaned and vacuumed on a set schedule. Here are some ways to keep your carpet in good shape.

Use A Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Have your building assessed by a professional carpet cleaner. This helps establish a schedule for cleaning the carpet so high-traffic areas remain free of dirt and stains. The carpet cleaner will focus on entry areas, hallways, and other places where the carpet gets a lot of foot traffic. These areas may need to be professionally cleaned a few times a year, so they smell fresh, look clean, and last longer. One thing to remember is that carpet cleaning not only improves the appearance of the carpet, it also prolongs its life, and protects your financial investment by keeping grit and dirt from harming the fibers.

Use Mats Near Doorways

Mats are very useful for protecting your carpet. They cover the fibers near the doors, so carpets don't become dirty as quickly. Plus, the mats hide the carpet, so if people do track in mud or dirt, it won't show on the carpet, but on the mat instead, which is more acceptable. Mats also grab onto grit and dirt, so it clings to the mat, rather than being tracked further into the room and onto the carpet. Mats are made of material that is quick and easy to clean. Your staff can clean them periodically throughout the day, to keep the entry tidy and dry.

Vacuum Carpets Daily

Whether your own staff vacuums the carpet or you hire a cleaning service to do so, it's important to vacuum commercial carpet daily. This prolongs its life and keeps bits of paper and other debris from littering the floor. Commercial carpet usually has short fibers, so your staff can clean it throughout the day, using a convenient broom sweeper. This is particularly important in dining and snack areas, where guests and employees might leave crumbs behind.

Have The Upholstery Cleaned, Too

In addition to cleaning the carpet in your facility on a regular basis, you'll also want to have your upholstered furniture cleaned regularly, to remove odors and to keep them as clean and sanitary as possible. Seating in common areas, such as waiting rooms, may need to be cleaned more frequently than chairs and couches in offices, but they all should be vacuumed regularly and cleaned occasionally, just like your carpet, so your building smells fresh and looks clean.

Maintaining a clean facility is often a lot of work, but it's something that can't be overlooked because a dirty carpet or stained seats gives the impression the entire building is dirty and unsanitary. Having regular facility carpet cleaning helps you make a good impression on your guests, clients, and employees.