Are You Moving Your Business To A New Building? 3 Strategies To Encourage Better Organization From Your Staff

The move to a new location represents a fresh start for your company. In addition to enhancing the overall operations by giving your staff a better location from which to work, you can also tackle the clutter problem that tends to happen when a business stays in one place too long. As you prepare to move your business, use these steps to start off on the right foot when it comes to cleaning and organization.

Keep the Clutter Down

As your staff prepares for the move, make sure they know to sort through everything to determine what can be tossed, recycled, or donated. In some instances, you may be able to reduce paper clutter by transferring the information to digital sources. Alternatively, your staff may be hanging on to furniture or equipment that no longer holds value to the company. Try to avoid bringing this type of clutter to the new office so that there is less stuff to accumulate dust and germs.

Create Designated Storage Areas

Your staff should know where to store common items around the office. For example, you can help your team avoid piles of paper on their desk by giving them storage cabinets and helping them decide how long certain documents need to be saved. Your building may also have a storage room or closet, and you can prevent chaos by having someone label the shelves so that everyone knows where to put things so that someone else can find them. If you plan to move large storage furniture or organizational systems into a part of the building, then make sure to arrange for commercial cleaning before you set them up so that the floor beneath them stays in good condition.

Schedule Regular Cleanings

In addition to the pre-moving day cleaning, you will want to arrange for regular janitorial services that tend to the details that your staff may not have time to handle. For example, walking into an office with freshly vacuumed carpets allows your staff to focus on handling their job duties. Professional cleanings can also address those areas where your employees might miss by dusting the tops of shelves and clearing out trash instead of letting it accumulate.

Now that you have a new office building, it is up to you and your team to keep it clean and organized. By giving your staff a fresh slate and the support they need to keep everything organized, you can look forward to working within an environment that inspires productivity. Contact a company like Commercial Cleaning Services for more information about your commercial cleaning needs.