Three Things To Avoid If You Use A House Cleaner Service

Hiring a housecleaner is an excellent way to preserve some of your precious time while also skipping the chores you hate to do most. At the same time, you may not be quite sure what the expectations are when bringing in a home cleaning service. The following are a few major mistakes that you should work to avoid.

#1: Not thinking through your needs

There is a level of housecleaning for just about every need, but you need to be clear about your needs and expectations. Most services will provide you with a one of two options – either you will select specific cleaning tasks from a "menu," or you will schedule the cleaning by the half hour or hour. If you use a menu-style cleaner, you can pick and choose rooms and tasks. For example, you may only want the service to clean the bathrooms, kitchens, and fold laundry. On the other hand, if you go with a service that charges by time, you will have to be realistic and clear. For example, if you want the dishwasher unloaded, you may have to request this service specifically.

#2: Leaving your pet free to roam

Yes, it's your house, but leaving your pet out is a recipe for disaster. Your cleaner may not be comfortable around animals or your animal may simply get in the way as they try to do their job. Even worse, there is always the chance of a pet bolting out of an open doorway. Make sure your cleaning service is aware that you have pets, then take the time to place the animal in a room with a closed door if you won't be home at cleaning time. Leave a note on the door explaining that the pet area is off limits, as well. Even the best behaved pet can act in surprising ways when you aren't around.

#3: Skipping the precleaning

You don't need to break out the steam mop, but you should focus on a bit of precleaning to ensure you get the most out of your paid service. Most housecleaners are paid to clean, not to pick up clutter. Put away clothing, toys, and other items so your cleaner can actually get to the real cleaning of wiping down surfaces and cleaning the floors. Daily maintenance is the key to keeping this easy. You don't have to bust out the cleaning supplies everyday, simply put stuff away when you are done with it and don't leave large messes around to fester between professional cleanings.

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