Childhood Allergies: 3 Allergen Hot Spots to Hit Before You Move Into Your New Home

Watching as your child coughs and sniffles through the night feels more miserable than dealing with allergies yourself. While you may not be able to control their reaction to outdoor triggers, you have learned that you can effectively manage their symptoms by taking a few precautions at home. However, moving disrupts your stringent allergy control plans since you have no idea what allergens may exist in your new residence. Before you move in, take these precautions to reduce allergens in your home so that your child is able to sleep comfortably on their very first night.

Dust From Top to Bottom

Dusting gets more difficult once your bring in all of your belongings since the majority of dust accumulates up high, and the last thing you want to do is make it fall on your bedding and furniture. Begin your move in by dusting your entire house, with special care paid to things such as the ceiling fan blades and the trim around doors and windows. Do this before you arrange for carpet cleaning services so that any dust that does make it to the ground will be removed before your moving day.

Deep Clean the Carpets

There is no telling what the previous residents did in your home. Pet dander, pollen from houseplants, and general dust mites are all possible allergy triggers that could be hiding in those gorgeous carpets. While using your HEPA vacuum helps maintain your carpets between deep cleanings, it is important to call in the professionals when you have no idea what may be lurking in those fibers. Arranging for carpet cleaning specifically designed for people with allergies before your child plays on the floor protects them from whatever people might have tracked into your new house in the past.

Disinfect the Air Ducts

Air duct cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance that most people overlook. While your home may have an updated HVAC system, you can bet that the duct work hasn't been cleaned in years. Schedule for a complete duct work inspection and cleaning to remove bacteria, mold and fungus that has accumulated over the years, and you can rest easy that the air circulating through your home is as clean as it can possibly be. Talk to companies like Wilson Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning, LLC to learn about their deep cleaning services.

Moving with a child who has allergies means that you will need to add a few extra details to your cleaning routine. By focusing on hidden allergen hot spots, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with only worrying about where to place your favorite pieces of décor on moving day.