When You Want Your House Professionally Cleaned: Tips to Work Effectively With Your House Cleaner

When you want a cleaner home, but you don't have the time to clean it, it's time to start working with a professional house cleaner. With a schedule in place, you will know how often your cleaner is going to come and what day they will be at your home. When you prepare ahead of time, you can help your cleaner handle your home more efficiently. From getting linens ready to making sure there aren't piles of stuff throughout the home, there are ways to work more effectively with your house cleaner. If you have questions about what the cleaner does and doesn't do, or if you have special requests for the week, it's important to set your expectations right away.

Set Your Cleaning Schedule

If you know that your house cleaner is coming every Thursday morning, you will have plenty of time the night before to get your home ready. While you won't have to do any deep cleaning, getting rid of clutter can help your cleaner spend more time on the deep cleaning and less time on having to move clutter around. When you know you can depend on your cleaners to come at their scheduled time, you won't stress as much if your house is dirty the day before.

Be Ready for Your Cleaners

Any special cleaning supplies that you want used should be left out for your cleaner, and you should make sure that you take care of the things that your house cleaner doesn't do. For example, if your house cleaner does not do dishes, leave an empty sink so that your kitchen can be cleaned properly. Take out linens for your cleaners to change the beds, and try to pick up so that they aren't wasting time putting shoes or clothes where they belong.

Clarify Any Special Requests

All special requests should be discussed ahead of time, as it may take your cleaner longer that day to get the work done. Your cleaner may need to charge more if you request an oven clean out or you want a stain on your carpet worked on. In addition, your cleaner may not be comfortable doing certain tasks, such as handling laundry or emptying out your refrigerator. Talk with your cleaner ahead of time of what services you are looking for so that you aren't surprised if your cleaner says no to one of your requests.