5 Reasons To Hire A Specialized Laundry Service For Your Food Service Business

If you run any kind of food service, most likely you require your employees to wear uniforms, especially those handling the food. This way, there is little chance for contamination and your place of business appears to be clean and orderly. However, relying on your employees to wash their uniforms isn't the best idea and washing them yourself takes away too much time from running your business. This is why you should consider these five reasons for hiring a specialized laundry service:

  1. Clothes are Properly Separated: Not only will the laundry service be careful to separate colors from whites, but they will also carefully separate soiled clothes from slightly worn clothes. This way, the soiled clothes do not possibly cause damage to the rest of the clothes just in cause the soiled clothes need to be tossed because they are too badly soiled from any kind of food spills. 
  2. Clothes are Washed Specifically for the Food Business: A laundry service that specializes in the food service industry will have a specific method for washing these clothing items. This is different from how other types of businesses clean their clothing. Laundry services who specialize in working with the food industry will be sure that all food stains are carefully removed. This takes specialized care when it comes to oil stains, which are difficult to get out. 
  3. Clothes Won't Be Mixed: Mixing clothing with other clothing that is not from the food business, but instead is from the medical business or sports is not sanitary. This is why you need a laundry service that specializes in the food industry. 
  4. Laundry Facilities are Clean: To effectively return the clothes to your place of business clean means that they should not touch anything that is dirty after being washed. This is why a professional laundry service uses only a clean laundry facility where the clothes can be nicely organized and stacked after being washed without any risk of contamination. 
  5. Laundry Packed Properly: On top of keeping the laundry facility clean, the laundry service will also ensure that the laundry is properly packed when being delivered back to you in clean boxes made from plastic or another material that will not harbor any moisture that can cause mold growth. Mold growth can easily happen when it comes to dealing with laundry because of the moisture build up. 

When you know these five reasons to hire a specialized laundry service, you can be sure that you take care of your uniforms properly to keep your place of business successful, organized, and clean.