3 Steps That Can Help You Remove Pet Stains From Your Carpet

One of the most frustrating things that you can experience as a pet owner is urine stains directly on your carpet, mostly because the smell from those urine stains can stick around for a long time to come. Listed below are three steps that you can take that can help remove pet stains from your carpet.

Clean The Stain Immediately

The single most important step that you can take in order to help remove or prevent pet stains is to clean the stain immediately. The longer the stain sticks around, the more likely it is that the urine smell and bacteria will soak deep into the carpet and the pad underneath the carpet, which will make it much more difficult and expensive to clean. However, when you do clean the pet stain from the carpet, make sure that you only dab the stain as scrubbing can spread the pet stain into previously unaffected areas of your carpet.

Use Cleaners Formulated Specifically For Pet Stains

Another step that you can take that will help you remove pet stains from your carpet is to use cleaners formulated specifically for pet stains. These cleaners are typically found all over your local pet store and are designed to utilize enzymes that will soak into your carpet and eliminate both the odor and the bacteria that typically gather around pet urine and cause the odor in the first place.

Contact A Carpet Cleaning Service

Finally, you will want to contact a carpet cleaning service eventually in order to eliminate pet stains from your carpet. One of the reasons for this is that it can be extremely difficult to remove all of the lingering odors left behind by a pet accident on your carpet. This is particularly annoying when you realize that you can get whiffs of the urine smell periodically throughout the year even after you thought that the stain was completely cleaned up.

However, carpet cleaning service is probably the best resource at your disposal when it comes to completely eliminating the stain and smell following a pet accident. The reason for this is that the carpet cleaning service will have much more powerful cleaning tools and chemical agents at their disposal than you do, which means that there more likely going to be able to do a very deep and thorough cleaning to remove all traces of the stain and odor of pet urine.

Contact a carpet cleaning service today in order to discuss what steps you can take that will help you remove or eliminate both the stain and the smell of pet urine from your carpet. Cleaning the stain immediately, using cleaners formulated specifically for pet stains, and contacting a carpet cleaning service are all very effective ways of removing pet stains your carpet.