Is Your Carpet Getting Excessively Dirty? 3 Tips to Avoid Getting It So Dirty

Dirt is inevitably going to get in your home, especially when you have dogs, kids, and adults that often spend time around dirt, water, or grass. But this does not mean you should live with an extremely dirty home at all times. You should look at ways that you can keep the dirtiness to a minimum. This is not only crucial for your satisfaction as a homeowner but also for keeping your carpet-cleaning costs from skyrocketing.

Remove Socks, Not Just Shoes

When everyone gets home from school, work, or running errands, you might have a rule for everyone to remove their shoes immediately. This will prevent dirty shoes from getting on the carpet. But this may not actually fix the problem in its entirety, as socks can also hold quite a bit of dirt and grime. It is best to create a new rule that requires all family members to remove both their socks and shoes as they enter. Going the distance of getting inside slippers or putting extra socks at the front door is a worthwhile idea.

Get Excellent Air Filters

Although you could get low-cost fiberglass air filters to fill the role of an air filter in your home, you should not expect these to do much in regard to keeping the house clean. These filters only boast a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of somewhere between 1 and 4, which is on the low side. Investing a little more money into something like an HEPA filter can get you in the range of 17 to 20. This will lead to a cleaner home and will prevent you from having to replace the filters so often. As a result, your carpet will take in less dust, which will ultimately lead a cleaner carpet and less of a need to hire a cleaning service.

Take the Cleaning Outside

When you clean things like drapery, curtains, and furniture, you should do all of the job outside. It is certainly easier to just wipe these items down or dust everything off and then vacuum the carpet afterward, but you will likely have some dust particles that end up getting stuck in the carpet fibers for a long time. Dusting and cleaning outside can reduce how much dust gets recirculated inside your home.

Carpets are meant to get dirty because they are the flooring on which you walk. But you can drastically reduce how much dirt they accumulate by putting these tips into action.