Ways To Stop The Spread Of Germs Throughout Your Office Building

Keeping your employees healthy means you need to minimize their exposure to germs. To accomplish this goal within your office building, you need to know the most effective methods for dealing with unclean surfaces throughout the space. By using these techniques alongside other products, you may have fewer employees get sick throughout the year.

Clean Specific Areas

Cleaning specific areas throughout your building is an effective way to minimize exposure to germs. You need to ensure that the cleaning solution is the right one for each area, so you have a better chance at preventing germs from spreading from one person to another.

For example, bathrooms have several hard surfaces such as doorknobs, faucets, soap dispensers and toilets. For these surfaces, you want to make sure your cleaning company is using an antimicrobial solution. This type of cleaning product is designed to eliminate germs and bacteria that regular water and soap cannot kill.

In the kitchen or break room area, many companies forget to clean the door handles to the refrigerator and microwave on a routine basis. In this area, you want the cleaning company to use only a food safe antimicrobial solution. This solution kills the germs without contaminating areas like the microwave with harmful chemicals.

No matter which product you choose for the cleaning process, you must insist that the cleaning crew wipe down all hard surfaces in your building. These surfaces should include elevator buttons, light switches, telephones and seats without upholstery. By doing this work on a regular basis, you help eliminate many of the germs that enter your building.

Offer Sanitizing Products

Aside from cleaning the hard surfaces in your office building, you need to offer sanitizing products that your employees can use on a regular basis. The most common option is hand sanitizer that they can use after touching doorknobs or coming off the elevator. It is best to have several bottles around the office space, so it is available for employees and guests to use when needed.

If you have employees that share desks or computers, you should also have sanitizing wipes for cleaning the keyboards, phones and desk handles. To be on the safe side, it is a good idea to offer wipes that are safe for electronics. These wipes have a different chemical composition, which means they will not damage any metal or plastic that they touch.

Eliminating all of the germs in your building is an impossible task. However, by using the right cleaning solutions and offering sanitizing products to your employees, you can reduce their chances of getting sick. For further assistance, contact local cleaning service professionals, such as those from Lelia's Cleaning Service, Inc.